Evan Jared Warwick graduated from Fresno State University, Class of 2014, with a B.A. in Music Composition. He studied under the direction of Kenneth Froelich for 2 years, and Benjamin Boone for 1 year. He has composed for many different ensembles and instruments, including stringed instruments, piano, and electronic environments. He plays guitar, bass, is a vocalist, and is proficient in recording technology. While attending Fresno State, Evan was an active guitarist, performing with the Fresno State Guitar Studio both in their Guitar Ensemble and as a soloist. Evan has also performed many times with the Fresno State Concert Choir, and the Fresno State Chamber Singers. 

Evan has also cultivated his leadership skills by participating in the Boy Scouts. As a devoted Eagle Scout, Evan seeks to uphold the values and skills he acquired in the BSA Program as a youth, and apply them toward his goals in music. 

Now Evan spends his time composing for his own recording projects, and giving lessons to young musicians in the East Bay Area of California.